Classical Logic

Classical Logic

episode no.1: how i became interested in classical logic

People have been asking me how I became interested in Classical Logic and Classical curriculum in general. Without further a due, here is episode no. 1 of a series of video clips where I will be telling this personal story, right from downtown Cambridge, UK.
Enjoy :)

episode no.2: realist methodology and theology

In the previous episode, I argue that is a realist methodology you can learn to arrive at the real meaning of a text. Let's explore this further in the video below...

episode no.3: realism and science

In this episode, I'm standing in front of the Trinity College in Cambridge, next to the famous apple tree that is said to have inspired Isaac Newton. I'm going to look at another part of the curriculum, science and realism.

episode no.4: Realism and Science - Newton and traditional science

In today's last episode of the series, standing in front of the apple tree that is said to have inspired Isaac Newton with the law of gravity, I will explain how sir Isaac Newton is connected to our discussion on realism and science.