Our Mission


Vision: To give life to traditional, holistic education materials needed by budding English-speaking Islamic institutions including: Islamic schools, seminaries, liberal arts colleges, and homeschoolers.

Living Insights aims to do this through providing the materials and training needed to give life to the traditional subject disciplines in English translations which are faithful to the originals and work in the classroom and society. This living education acknowledges that the full classical curriculum was an integrated set of complementary disciplines covering not only religious sciences, but also the humanities and natural sciences and mathematics. These disciplines map reality in a manner which covers nearly all of the modern curriculum, but this is only realised by a foundation which has a critical grasp of both traditions.

Without this insight, education results in lost opportunities and in a busy world, curriculum must hit two or more birds with each stone. Otherwise, our tradition and its humanising power will be lost on another generation. A well-designed curriculum should prepare students of any level to perform competitively and spiritually (with Ihsan) in all fields of life.

In the 1970s to 1990s, English-speaking scholars gathered for the World Conferences on Islamic Education, responding to what was widely considered a crisis in Islamic education. This foundation aims to take the best of the insights from these conferences and complement them with a deeper appreciation of the modern and classical traditions.