Ladder of Light to the True Sciences: A Course in Classical Logic

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Ladder of Light to the True Sciences: A Course in Classical Logic

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This introductory course aims to familiarise students and educators with the concepts, terms, and methods of Classical Logic, the basis of the traditional sciences.

Taught by Shaykh Mustafa Styer.

The course will be taught completely in English, referencing a translation of the poem al-Sullam al-Munawraq, a copy of which will be provided to all attendees.


  • The Challenge of Defining Terms in Classical Logic

  • The Relationship Between Reality and Definitions

  • The Correspondence Between Terms and Meaning

  • The Five Universals

  • Propositions and their Types

  • The Syllogism and Other Forms of Logical Demonstration

  • Material Logic: The Conditions of Proof

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Lesson Format: This course is an on-line course that gives you the flexibility to complete it at your own pace through recorded videos, quizzes and prepared handouts for note-taking. The course consists of 20 modules divided into sixty 5-20 minute lessons. There will be monthly seminars to ask questions, clarify course materials and discuss the application of specific topics which are of particular relevance to home-schoolers and educators. 

Focus: Additional discussions will relate the dialectical poem as a tool of teaching and learning to the broad realm of classical education.

Modern Notions of Reason: We will investigate how a realist method can provide a defense of objective meaning in the face of modern notions of scientism and epistemological relativism.

Assessment: The sections of the Sullam will be followed by quizzes to track progress and evaluate an understanding of core concepts. Completion of these quizzes is required to qualify for the final assessment. Attendees will have the opportunity to address any questions that arise from the quizzes or lessons through the online Learning Management System as well as the monthly webinars.

Certification: Students that complete all the quizzes will have the opportunity to submit their own commentary of the poem to be graded by the course instructor based on a rubric. Those students will walk away with a certification and a corrected commentary of their own empowering them to instruct others in the poem.

In the discussion of Material Logic, the following themes will be discussed:

  • The Scope and Limitations of the Scientific Method

  • Replies to Skepticism regarding Deductive Thinking

Additionally, the course will provide a treatment of essay-writing strategies and techniques.

Continuous Enrollment: students can sign up at anytime.